Cloud DNS is a managed DNS service from Google Cloud and we will be working with Private Hosted Zone through this blog. In one of our recent engagements, we were migrating a mobile payments platform from on-prem to GCP.

This is a hybrid environment where back-office applications will remain on-prem for time being and all the core applications will get migrated to GKE. We are working with 3 environments i.e Dev, stage, and Production created as 3 projects on GCP with each one having its own VPC.

There are few AWS services you would rarely get a chance to work with if you deal mostly with startups (cutting edge and born in the cloud) and small and medium-sized businesses. One of these services is Direct Connect and the other one is why you are reading this article.

This time, we are in the process of migrating a huge scale data warehouse off Netezza to AWS Redshift. The data reside in the on-prem data center and is enough in size for us to ask for a Snowball edge.

The data center team received the snowball and its time…

The pace of innovation at AWS is rapid. It is difficult to keep up with new features, enhancements, services that come in every day, let alone knowing the best practices associated with them. Simply put, AWS with hundreds of services across 23 different categories is a complex world and AWS knows, to operate with such breadth and depth using best practices is challenging for any customer.

AWS Landing Zone was launched in mid-2018 and has been unnoticed (my guess based on no/low community discussions) by customers/partners until AWS re:Invent 2018 when AWS Control Tower was announced.

AWS Landing Zone is…

AWS re: Invent 2018 had a lot of new services to be called COOL, well if you have satellite( :) ), you don’t need ground datacenter to process data. (ground station). Combination of Robomaker and Alexa can be groundbreaking if used properly. A whole lot of things to talk about. Today, I am writing about a rather less fancy service they launched (CISCO, Where are you), “AWS Transit-Gateway”.

AWS VPC has been one of the strong networking backbone for EC2 to perform the way it does but VPC capabilities don’t always cater to the networking requirements enterprises ask. They always…

Umesh Kumar

Lead Cloud Architect at Searce | Cloud Engineering in all its forms

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